Trail Conditions




  1. where they are doing construction on tienken i think. the recycle bin in overflowing.

  2. Does anyone know the condition of the trail – is it starting to firm up?

    • It is starting to firm up in many places. Silver Bell crossing is still muddy, as well as Gunn Road bridge area. In many places, you can walk on the side where the grass is to get around it. I will try to provide more updates when I have them.

  3. Can you say if the trail has been graded this spring 2020 yet to smooth out the bumps from the footprints over the winter for cycling?
    Thank you

    • David,

      The trail has not been graded yet this year. Our member communities are responsible for grading their section of the trail and unfortunately, they are unable to perform this work until the stay at home order is lifted.

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