Trail Courtesy

Safety & Etiquette on the Trail

A Guide to Safety & Etiquette on the Paint Creek Trail

Trail Courtesy – It’s easy to Achieve!

Cyclists – Pass with careStay to the right, pass on the left.  “Do the right thing – pass with a ring!”  Please announce with a verbal “on your left”, or ring a bike bell.  All trail users will appreciate it!  Please use safe speeds on the trail.

Pedestrians and Cyclists – avoid spreading out: Yes, it’s fun to walk, ride, or run the trail in a group.  But please don’t block the width of the trail.  Stay to the right, and watch your surroundings – a cyclist may be trying to pass you on the left (with an announcement, or bell of course!). Cyclists and pedestrians must both yield to horses on the trail.

Mind your Dog: Dogs are allowed on the Paint Creek Trail, but must be kept under control and/or leashed at all times.  We love to let our dogs run too – but we don’t want them getting run over by a bicycle (and getting hurt!), or causing a collision.  Dog waste must be picked up.  If you forget your bags, we have Dog Waste Bag dispensers conveniently located along the trail.  Please help keep the trail clean!

Mind your Horse:  Horses are allowed north of Dutton Road.  Horse manure must be picked up, or at least removed from the trail surface.  No one want to ride or walk through it.

Educate your Children:  We love seeing children enjoying the trail!  Please start trail etiquette education early – stay to the right, pass on the left, and if on bike, announce when passing.  We want everyone to have a safe, enjoyable visit!

If you are on the trail, and come up on a family, please slow down and give them enough time and room to know you are there.

Be smart with Headphones: Headphones are allowed on the trail, but you must be careful. Being aware of your surroundings is very important.  Cyclists want you to hear them when they announce their presence.  Many pedestrian/cyclist collisions can be avoided if you maintain an “ear” while on the trail or can hear ambient noise.


  1. My family and I love the trail! Thank you to all the wonderful people who make it possible for the community to enjoy it! I just wanted to share a recent incident to help with awareness. Two other women and I were riding bikes on the trail and there was a man walking with a walking stick and a dog in the other direction. I realized I would be a bit close to him and started to move more toward the right when he started yelling at me to get out of the way and holding up his fist with the stick and moving toward me telling me he would hit me if didn’t move. He continued yelling after we passed by and it was definitely alarming. Just a heads up to watch out for people who may be harmful and to make sure you leave as much room as possible for others.

    • We’re sorry you had that experience! It is unusual. Most people are courteous. If it happens again, please contact us with a description of the dog and the owner, location, time of day, etc. People are creatures of habit – if we can narrow down when he is usually on the trail, we can try to contact him and talk with him about his concerns, and the concerns of the other trail users. You can email us at [email protected] or call 248-651-9260 and ask for Kristen or Chris. One of us should be here during the week.

  2. Can anyone tell me how far the Paint Creek Cider Mill is from the Rochester Municipal Park?

  3. When is the last time you sprayed for ticks? My dog got loaded yesterday. If you could let me know the type of ticks in the area I’d be better equipped to know how concerned I should be. Pretty sure we got them all. We had quite a time checking ourselves and bathing our dog.

  4. The trail is not sprayed for ticks.

  5. One rule that I believe should be included is actually stopping for all stop signs on the trail. Too many times I have encountered bicyclists that just slow down at the intersection on Gallagher and expect me to stop to let them cross without stopping. Yes, I yield when there are people already in the act of crossing, but stopping abruptly to allow people waiting to cross is dangerous and could cause an accident.

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