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Horses are allowed and welcome on the Paint Creek Trail, in limited areas. Because of local ordinances, horses are not allowed in the Rochester or Rochester Hills portions of the Trail. However, horses are allowed north of Dutton in Oakland Township, all the way to Atwater Street in Lake Orion. This is approximately 7.0 miles of Trail. Keep in mind that the last 1/3 of a mile of the trail to Atwater is asphalt, so we encourage you to stay on the limestone trail to reduce the risk of damage to the asphalt.

Photo of horses sharing trail with cyclists

Photo courtesy of Libby Dwyer

As with dogs, we ask that equestrians clean up after their horses.  If you are unable to dismount, please walk your horse to the grassy areas to the sides of the developed trail, so manure will not be left in the middle of the trail for pedestrians and cyclists to navigate through.  In addition, please ride on the right, and pass on the left. We appreciate your courtesy!

There is official parking for horse trailers at the new Paint Creek Junction Park, 2210 Orion Road, Oakland Township, 48363. The park also features a grass surface horse trail to the Paint Creek Trail.

Other places to park along the trail include the following locations:

  • The Trail parking lot south of Clarkston, west of Kern in Orion Township, near the Trail restroom facility.
  • The Paint Creek Cider Mill parking lot, 4480 Orion Road, Oakland Township, 48306
  • The Charter Township of Oakland municipal offices parking lot, 4393 Collins Road, Oakland Township, 48306
Photo of horses at Cider Mill, 2014

Photo courtesy of Libby Dwyer

Looking to connect with other equestrians in northern Oakland County?  Visit the Addison Oaks Trail Riders Facebook page at:

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