Bridge 33.7 – Sinkhole – July 25, 2018

Bridge 33.7 Update: Yesterday, we had a large sinkhole at the southern end of Bridge 33.7 on the Paint Creek Trail in Oakland Township. This is the middle bridge between Dutton and Silver Bell, and the one that is in the process of being replaced. It was supposed to be replaced this summer, but the bids came back too high and the project has been delayed until Spring 2019.

We contacted our engineers and provided them a photo of the sinkhole, and the measures that were taken to repair it.

Based on that information, they have advised that the hole is likely a result of water washing out the material under the timber wall at the southern abutment. The safest way to proceed is to not allow vehicular traffic over the bridge until further notice due to settlement and compaction concerns for the backfill material behind the abutment. Pedestrians and Cyclists can still cross the bridge safely. We ask that if you see any new sinkholes forming near that bridge, please contact the trail office immediately at 248-651-9260 and [email protected]

We have advised maintenance, fire department, EMS, and all Sheriff office personnel that they should NOT drive across the bridge under any circumstances. We will be putting up signs today, and ask that you please leave them in place.

We will keep you informed of any new developments.

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