Trail Courtesy – It’s easy to Achieve!

Trail Courtesy – It’s easy to Achieve!

Cyclists – Pass with careStay to the right, pass on the left.  “Do the right thing – pass with a ring!”  Please announce with a verbal “on your left”, or ring a bike bell.  All trail users will appreciate it!

Pedestrians and Cyclists – avoid spreading out: Yes, it’s fun to walk, ride, or run the trail in a group.  But please don’t block the width of the trail.  Stay to the right, and watch your surroundings – a cyclist may be trying to pass you on the left (with an announcement, or bell of course!). Cyclists and pedestrians must both yield to horses on the trail.

Mind your Dog: Dogs are allowed on the Paint Creek Trail, but must be kept under control and/or leashed at all times.  We love to let our dogs run too – but we don’t want them getting run over by a bicycle (and getting hurt!), or causing a collision.  Dog waste must be picked up.  If you forget your bags, we have Dog Waste Bag dispensers conveniently located along the trail.  Please help keep the trail clean!

Mind your Horse:  Horses are allowed north of Dutton Road.  Horse manure must be picked up, or at least removed from the trail surface.  No one want to ride or walk through it.

Educate your Children:  We love seeing children enjoying the trail!  Please start trail etiquette education early – stay to the right, pass on the left, and if on bike, announce when passing.  We want everyone to have a safe, enjoyable visit!

If you are on the trail, and come up on a family, please slow down and give them enough time and room to know you are there.

Be smart with Headphones: Headphones are allowed on the trail, but you must be careful. Being aware of your surroundings is very important.  Cyclists want you to hear them when they announce their presence.  Many pedestrian/cyclist collisions can be avoided if you maintain an “ear” while on the trail or can hear ambient noise.


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