Paint Creek Trail Honors Former Trail Manager


Former Paint Creek Trail Manager, Kristen Myers, Receives Award for Her Many Years of Dedicated Service to The Trail

Rochester, Michigan: The Paint Creek Trailways Commission honored former Trail Manager, Kristen Myers, at its January 21st, 2020 regular meeting. Ms. Myers served as manager of the Paint Creek Trail for fifteen years before stepping down in October 2018. The Commission presented Ms. Myers with a resolution recognizing her longtime service to the Trail along with a commemorative pewter Paint Creek Trail spike in a display box.

In addition to her many years as trail manager, Ms. Myers previously held the position of Trail Administrative Assistant from 2000 to 2003 and was a Trailways Commissioner representing the city of Rochester Hills from 1997 to 2000. During her tenure with the trail, Ms. Myers served as the staff liaison for five local communities and regional government agencies. She produced and implemented two Paint Creek Trail Recreation Master Plans that enhanced grant applications, funding, and project management, raising over $750,000.

“I had the pleasure serving on the Commission with Kristen, being on the hiring committee when Kristen was hired as Manager of the Paint Creek Trail and being the Chairman of the Commission for much of the time she served as Trail Manager,” said Rock Blanchard, Paint Creek Trailways Commission Chairman. “She is an extremely dedicated professional and the Paint Creek Trail and the communities it serves were fortunate to have her.”

The resolution reads as follows:

WHEREAS, Kristen Myers began her employment with the Paint Creek Trailways Commission (the “Commission”) in 2000; and

WHEREAS, Kristen has been instrumental for the continued development of the Paint Creek Trail, the outreach of the Trailways Commission, and the advancement of the Paint Creek Trail; and

WHEREAS, throughout her service to the Commission she was responsible for the operation of the Paint Creek Trail, including carrying out the day to day management duties for the Commission, fostering a collegial atmosphere among the Member communities; working with the maintenance, public works, and Parks Commissions overseeing maintenance of the Trailways property; conducting community outreach programs, including many wonderful events sponsored by the Commission as well as in cooperation with the Friends of the Paint Creek Trail; applying for and obtaining grants for trail development and beautification; updating and upkeeping the Paint Creek Trail website and social media; implementing Commission initiatives; monitoring the Trail; supervising staff; and other duties; and

WHEREAS, during her career with the Commission Kristen was professional, dedicated, knowledgeable and loyal to the Commission’s mission to provide a natural setting for all segments of our population to engage in recreation and fitness activities, to enjoy nature, and to enhance the quality of life for Trail visitors and area residents through active citizen involvement, planned acquisition, preservation, and professional management of Commission lands; and

WHEREAS, over the course of her career she worked closely with the governing bodies of each of the Member communities, Oakland County Parks, Oakland Trails Advisory Council, the Friends of the Clinton River Trail, the management of the Polly Ann Trail, and many other trail related organizations;

WHEREAS, Kristen was instrumental in helping to create a long-term, self-sustaining volunteer group, the Friends of the Paint Creek Trail, which donates countless hours of work, trail amenities, and financial support for Trail amenities, development, and operation;

WHEREAS, Kristen’s efforts over her many years of service have contributed significantly to the Trail as well as to the Commission’s ability to provide exceptional service to the area residents and visitors that enjoy the Trail and her level of commitment to the Paint Creek Trail set a positive example for others to follow; and

WHEREAS, Kristen’s commitment to high work quality and her dedication to the Trail and the Commission has proven to be a great asset to the Commission and to Trail users; and

WHEREAS, her commitment to the Trail and the Commission leaves an invaluable legacy for Trail users to enjoy far into the future.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Paint Creek Trailways Commission, by adoption of this resolution honors Kristen Myers for her outstanding quality of work, her commitment to provide a superior Trail for all Trail users, and extends its sincere appreciation for her countless contributions, and the lasting, positive impact she made during her years of dedicated service to the Paint Creek Trailways Commission.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Paint Creek Trailways Commission extends to Kristen Myers its best wishes for continued success in all her future endeavors.

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