Interested in tracking your mileage on the trail?  We created a a breakdown of  mileage with landmarks for your use.  This document shows total mileage, mileage between landmarks, and mileage based on our Mile Marker System.

Trail Mileage Breakdown with Landmarks

Photo of a trail mile marker taken by Cindy Junker
Photo by Cindy Junker

Mile Marker System:   As recently as 1974, the Paint Creek Trail was a railroad corridor. The Detroit and Bay City Railroad Company built the rail line in 1872, connecting Detroit to Bay City. Michigan Central Railroad later acquired the line and developed the mile-marking system in the late 1890s. Each mile-marker contained the letter “D,” signifying “Detroit,” and a number that represented the distance in miles from the center of Detroit to that Point. These markers are metal, diamond-shaped signs and are found at ½ Mile intervals along the Trail. Additional rectangular mile-markers have been located at each gate, bridge and road crossing. In an emergency, identify the nearest mile marker you saw so that the location can be pinpointed, and dial 911.

Just interested in road-to-road mileage information?

Rochester Park to Tienken: 0.9 miles

Tienken to Dutton: 1.2 miles

Dutton to Silver Bell: 1.0 mile

Silver Bell to Gallagher: 0.6 miles

Gallagher to Gunn: 0.8 miles

Gunn to Adams:1.4 miles

Adams to Clarkston/Kern: 1.5 miles

Clarkston/Kern to Atwater: 1.5 miles

Total Mileage: 8.9 miles

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